GET Engineering Launches First Virtual Navy Tactical Data System (V-NTDS)

(SAN DIEGO) (JANUARY 2015) — GET Engineering Corp. today announced the launch of Virtual NTDS (V-NTDS), a revolutionary new communications method for use in place of Navy Tactical Data Systems (NTDS). The new V-NTDS is the first and only method designed to reduce development and deployment costs by eliminating the need for expensive and dedicated NTDS adapters and bulky, costly cables for NTDS communication.
“We created Virtual NTDS to allow for a seamless transition of a functioning system with NTDS hardware to Ethernet communication, reducing the system’s overall cost,” explains David Grundies, President/CEO of GET Engineering Corp. “V-NTDS provides a turnkey solution to aging NTDS applications.”
The primary advantages of using the new V-NTDS product include: little to no modification of an existing NTDS application, no need for specialized NTDS converters, and it has an adaptable API that allows for continued use of certified applications with little or no modification.
The new V-NTDS design provides emulation of standard NTDS operations. Separate channels for Data and External Interrupts are provided. Aborting conditions, timeouts, and other termination events are well supported.
An entirely new functionality provided by V-NTDS is the ability to perform data transactions between different NTDS Types. With V-NTDS, an NTDS Type A device can now communicate with other parallel types (Type B/C/H) or even with NTDS Serial data types (Type D/E). This technology has not been previously available and opens new realms for NTDS application development.
For more information on V-NTDS, visit or contact GET Engineering at

GET Engineering will debut V-NTDS at the Surface Navy Association 27 National Symposium, booth #1005, to be held at Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA, on January 13-15, 2015.

ABOUT GET Engineering:
GET Engineering was founded in 1982 as a leading edge, high technology engineering firm providing tactical data solutions to government and industrial clients. GET is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) dedicated to providing the United States Department of Defense and its coalition forces the most cost effective products and solutions available. GET accomplishes this by utilizing its 32+ years of knowledge to produce products that bridge legacy systems to new technology. GET provides products and services to over 300 customers in the Department of Defense, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and commercial contractor community. GET provides a high level of customization by being able to implement customer requirements into innovative products. Working with their customers and implementing their requirements into innovative products distinguishes GET from its competition. ###

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