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New Bag System Eliminates Need for Earth-Damaging, Animal-Hurting Plastic Bags

and Tree-Killing Paper Bags and Gets Shoppers Out of the Store Faster


(San Diego, CA) (May 17, 2017) — Lotus Trolley Bag, a new patent-pending , eco-friendly shopping bag system that boasts four large bags, was launched today via  Designed to help shoppers easily organize and efficiently pack their groceries in a fraction of the time, the Lotus Trolley Bag system is reusable with durable bags that easily spread out, accordion-style, in a grocery shopping cart.

Equipped with rods that are designed to fit all shopping carts including those at Costco, Sam’s Club, Albertsons, Wal-Mart, among others, the Lotus Trolley Bag features extended handles, double stitching and wider openings that make it easy to carry and unload groceries.  Unlike any other bag on the market, the Lotus Trolley Bag can be made into one bag, with a simple Velcro strip, for easy transit to be  placed onto the back of a shopping cart, with no hook needed, while a person shops. At check out when items are on the conveyor belt, the bag is simply placed inside the cart and spread out in one easy motion to make four separate bags.  The upright bags allow the bagger to pack the goods with ease with both hands in a fraction of the time.  Once at your car, the shopper can effortlessly separate each bag to individually fit in the trunk. Once unpacked, simply re-attach the bags along the Velcro strips and roll up.

The Lotus Trolley Bag’s unique four bag design includes a large cooler bag that can hold big pizza boxes and it also offers a special patent-pending bag that securely fits two egg cartons and two wine bottles.

The inspiration to experiment and develop a new shopping bag system stemmed from two significant trends, according to Lotus Trolley Bag creators, husband and wife Farzan and Jennifer Dehmoubed.  “With the recent ban on plastic shopping bags and the nation’s fever to reduce the impact of bags on the environment, we saw a need for creating quality recycled bags that would not be forgotten at home and also quickly end up in landfills. We wanted to eliminate the need for earth-damaging, animal-hurting plastic bags and tree-killing paper bags.  We were also determined to create a bag that was practical, based on comfort, using soothing colors, and lets shoppers get in and out of the store faster.”

The Lotus Trolley Bag system is washable, eco-friendly, and made of recycled plastic that resembles canvas with durable double stitching. The strong mesh on the bottom of each bag ensures spills don’t pool in the bags. While most reusable bags are made of 60-75 grams per square meter non-woven material, the Dehmoubeds wanted to ensure that a much higher standard was adhered to and used premium 120 grams per square meter non-woven material that will accommodate over 70 pounds per bag. The bags are also detachable and can be used at the beach, on road trips, picnics and for gardening and more.  The Lotus Trolley Bag comes in an assortment of colors including blue, purple, mint, & khaki.

The Lotus Trolley Bag system is a “1% FOR THE PLANET” member and a portion of each sale goes towards worthy charities the founders are passionate about including the Surfrider Foundation and Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Each Lotus Trolley Bag system comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  The Lotus Trolley Bag system retails for a discounted price of $29.95 with free shipping and can be ordered online at at .  For more information on Lotus Trolley Bag visit  ###



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