Pay it Forward’s “Every Swipe Benefits Charity” Gives $100,000+ To Carefully Vetted Charities

(SAN DIEGO) (MAY 3, 2016) – Since the “Every Swipe Benefits Charity” (ESBC) give-back program’s inception two years ago, it has generated more than $100,000 in donations to a carefully vetted group of more than 25 local and national charities.

The ESBC is an innovative give-back program that allows business owners an opportunity to benefit their business, customers and community. Through Pay it Forward Processing (PFProcessing), a national credit card processing company, a portion of every swipe from each business account is donated to a carefully vetted charitable organization, at no cost to the business.

“We are so excited to have raised so much money for our very worthy charities in such a short period of time,” said Renee VanHeel, founder and president of PFProcessing.

PFProcessing offers businesses a dedicated account manager with no contracts; they match and in most cases, save a company money on its fees. Funding and deposits are made within 24 hours, including American Express. PFProcessing sends each business a comprehensive monthly report that includes a breakdown of fees and costs for services.

“With all of the demands of life, running your business, taking care of your families, there isn’t a lot of time to give back,” explains VanHeel. “That is where we come in.”

When a business starts to use PFProcessing for their everyday credit card processing needs, a portion of every swipe that is processed is donated to ESBCharity. It doesn’t impact the business owner in any way. Once it has been donated, ESBCharity then donates it to any number of the charities that have been through their vetting process.

If the business owner wants their portion to impact a specific cause, they can nominate that charity to be vetted with the possibility to become a direct benefactor. If a non-profit is looking for sustainable income, PFProcessing has a fundraising business plan in place that can help raise some much needed funds through business referrals. This unique giveback program allows merchants and customers to feel good about every swipe, every day.

Auto repair, hotel/motel, retail, veterinary, on-line stores and banking are just some of the business entities PFProcessing works with. PFProcessing provides merchant services, e-commerce and equipment for businesses across the United States. The “Every Swipe Benefits Charity” program supports more than 25 local, regional and national non-profit organizations including Boys and Girls Clubs, American Institute for Cancer Research, Shelter to Solider, and the Arthritis Foundation.

ESBC came to be from the ashes of Witch Creek Fires in San Diego in 2007 during which VanHeel’s home was destroyed. Renee formed Fired Up Sisters, along with a number of other fire survivors, raised $5 million in goods, services and money to help fellow fire survivors. “We raised so much money in the face of tragedy, I thought we could do much more in good times and we have,” said VanHeel. “We believe there is no better definition of success than truly loving what you do, serving a purpose and filling a need in the world. If this resonates with a business owner, we invite them to join the PFProcessing family.”

PFProcessing also helps each of its business partners stay connected to their customers by using their own social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote their business. For more information on PFProcessing visit or call 858-771-0076 x0. For more information on ESBC visit

About Pay it Forward Processing
Headquartered in San Diego, Pay it Forward Processing (PFProcessing) is a nationwide merchant service provider that supplies state-of-the-art payment solutions to businesses by providing a full line of products that are Class A certified on their processing platform. PFProcessing custom tailors its services for each business and offers 24/7 live technical and customer service support. For more information on PFProcessing visit or call 858-771-0076.###

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